Vulcor Insulation & IBSL Group Partnership

IBSL are delighted to announce the recent partnership with Vulcor Insulation, offering products to the UK and Ireland markets.

We are offering an extensive product range of insulation solutions from cryogenic temperatures all the way up to the specialty furnaces operating in the most demanding atmospheres and harsh conditions, but Vulcor Insulation is mostly known for the company offering the first Generation III, Ultra Low Shot fiber product. Due to the low shot contents and high fiber index the SoliWool product range are offering the toughest tensile strength, superior handling and last, but not least; lowest thermal conductivity.

Whilst other manufacturers have been arround for decades, Vulcor have accomplished all this in only 5 years from start. Yes, our journey started only a few years ago when a group of passionate people from the industry decided to set up a new company. Dedicated to do things differently and was not satisfied with ‘good enough’. And in this 5 years we extended our product range and now offer 5 grades of Refractory Ceramic Fibers, 2 grades of Low Bio Persistence Fiber, a Poly Crystalline based composition in all shapes and formats. We do not only manufacture bulk and blankets, but also have boards, papers, felts and monolithic fiber modules.

And whilst we developed these products we made sure to clear all required certification, including: REACH, Fraunhofer (exoneration of carcinogenic classification), 3th party testing of declared properties and ISO certification at the manufacturing location. Today our fiber products are widely used in the iron and steel, petrochemical, fire protection, automotive, ceramic, non-ferrous, glass and power industry.

With every project we are proud to know that the carefully selected, engineered, manufactured and provided solution will perform to expectations, minimize energy consumption and generates financial savings whilst securing a stable environment for production and comfort today and for the future. – that’s our passion.

IBSL are excited by the opportunity and look forward to further announcements.

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