Touch 650


Touch 650 provides all the benefits of traditional calcium silicate insulation but, most importantly, is cost engineered to be comparable with fibrous insulation products commonly found on today’s steam generation and transmission plants. Touch 650 is specially formulated to meet rigorous demands of modern steam pipelines essential to the operation of equipment heated or powered by high pressure, high temperature steam.Density: Nominal Dry Density 220kg/m3Appearance: White/off White colour.Product Form: Pipe Sections/Segments/Slab

  • Section/segment sizes: 600mm lengths
  • Slab sizes: 600mm x 300mm


  • High compressive strength
  • Strong rigid insulation
  • Excellent thermal performance at high temperature
  • No fibre shakedown
  • Maximum operating temperature 650°C
  • Reduced energy loss
  • Non-combustible
  • Jacket temperatures comply with European standards BS EN 563
  • Will take foot traffic
  • Non-punking
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