Tembutil-IF is available as a factory applied heavy duty butyl rubber protective foil.  Tembutil-IF was developed by Temati and is a heavy duty vapour barrier and weatherproof tape/foil, used in petro chemical and cryogenic installations.  Also applied in building and HVAC industries.Tembutil-IF is a laminate of elastomeric, modified butyl rubber adhesive (improved formula for superior tack) faced with a 25 µ aluminium foil and strengthened by an extra PET foil for excellent puncture and tear resistance.  A fingerlift release foil protects the adhesive side and provides easy application.Benefits Include;

  • Improved Formula;
  • Vapour Barrier;
  • High Adhesion performance;
  • M1 Fire Rating;
  • Weatherproofing;
  • Puncture and tear resistant.

 Technical Data

Test Values
Thickness 1mm (± 5%)
Facing Bright aluminium + PET foil (transparent)
Surface mass 1.9   kg/m2 (±10%)
Dry extract >99%
Service temperature -30°C to <+80°C
Water resistance Excellent
Weather resistance Excellent
Water vapour permeability 0.00 Metric Perm
Right angle peeling on steel >15 N/cm
Butyl resistance to flow at 5°C ≤ 3mm
Butyl resistance to flow at 70°C ≤ 3mm
Fire rating (tested and approved) M1
Flame spread to ASTM E84-05 Flame spread index 20
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