Superset AC1

Superset AC1 is hydraulic setting Portland cement based product, suitable for  application over pre-formed, plastic or sprayable insulation.  It can be used indoors or outdoors wherever an exceptionally hard and durable protection is required.Each 25kg bag of Superset AC1 should be mixed with 11 litres of water and applied over wire netting, expanded metal or wire reinforcement, in one 5mm layer and trowelled to a smooth finish.The dry Superset AC1  may be coated with PVA or water based paints; oil based paints will need an alkal resistant primer applied to completely dry cement.StandardsSuperset AC1 conforms to BS 3958:Part 6: 1982 Thermal Insulating Materials.Superset AC1 finishing cement conforms to BS 3958: Part 6.For further information regarding application please refer to:BS5422: 1990: Method for specifying thermal insulating materials on pipes, ductwork and  equipment.BS5970: 1992: Code of practice for thermal    Insulation of pipework and equipment.

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