Sprayed Limpet Vermiculite (SLV)

Sprayed Limpet Vermiculite (SLV) is a tough, hard, highly stable, passive fire protection coating applied to structural steel  or a variety of insulation materials by spraying or by hand application.  SLV consists of a   factory produced blend of exfoliated vermiculite, cementitious binders and rheological and mix dispersing agents supplied as a dry mix to which clean water is added on site.  It does not rely on any form of expansion, foaming or chemical reaction to impact its fire protection properties.All Limpet products are asbestos free.  Two SLV grades are available, SLV Internal a robust, economic coating and SLV External, a tough coating, resistant to a variety of climatic conditions.Application Both grades of SLV are designed for installation by spray techniques.  They should only be  installed by the trained applicators of an experienced specialist contractor operating in accordance with the SLV system manual.  Alternatively SLV can be hand applied.SLV can be applied to bare steel surfaces in thicknesses of up to 30mm at a time.  Where thicknesses greater than 30mm are required, the material must be applied in two coats.  The surface of the steel should be dry and free of dirt, oil,  loos  mill  scale,  flaking  paint  and  loose rust.  If required, existing painted surfaces should be checked for compatibility prior to the application of SLV.  As cementitious vermiculite sprays can be damaged by frost for up to 24 hours after application, spraying should not take place at temperatures lower than 4°C or if such low temperatures are expected.

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