SoliPaper™ ULS®-Grade High Strength

The SoliPaper HS-grade is our high strength version of our standard SoliPaper ULS®. SoliPaper HS-grade contains a small percentage of special high strength fibers which are increasing the tensile strength of the final paper product. In result the SoliPaper HS-grade offers up to 8 times higher tensile strength than a standard low bio persistence fiber paper. Whilst the SoliPaper HS is based on our 1200°C rated SoliWool ULS bulk fiber, and is able to offer protection to short term exposures till 1300°C, it is recommended for continuous use temperature till 900°C. 


We are proud to present you our SoliPaper ULS-grade High Strength, also referred to as SoliPaper HS-grade. SoliPaper HS-grade is developed from our standard SoliPaper ULS-grade. However, SoliPaper HS-grade is targeted for maximum strength by addition of a small percentage of high strength fibers which have enhanced strength properties. Compared to standard LBP fiber paper the tensile strength is up till 8 times stronger and unlike other types of LBP fiber paper it can withstand dipping in viscous liquids like silicone.

As the SoliPaper HS-grade is using a blend of various high strength filler the temperature resistence in long term use is affected and should not exceed 900°C continuously. In short term exposures, like in fire protection, the SoliPaper HS-grade can be exposed to temperatures of 1300°C.

Not only does the SoliPaper HS-grade offer higher stength, but because of a better interlocking of the fiber, it also offers lower dust and a high delamination strength when made self adhesive.  Where with most of the SoliPaper products we are able to offer a uniform, lightweight, low shot and flexible paper-like products, we take this one step further with the SoliPaper HS-grade.

All products in the SoliWool ULS fibers product range, like the SoliPaper HS-grade, have been tested at the Fraunhofer institute and meet the requirements specified under NOTE Q of European Regulation 1272/2008. All SoliWool ULS fiber products are therefore exonerated from labelling requirements in Europe. Vulcor is REACH compliant and has completed Fraunhofer certification for the SoliBlanket ULS product range.

SoliPaper HS-grade is part of the SoliPaper product range. With a variety of three Refractory Ceramic Fiber (RCF) grades, a high strength paper, the PCW based paper, and the famous ‘ULS’ Low Bio Persistence Fiber grade we are offering one of the most extensive ranges of high temperature fiber paper products in the market today. With our  different chemical compositions we are able to provide a solution to nearly every atmosphere or temperature.

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