SoliBoard™ ULS®-Grade

The low bio persistence grade of the SoliBlanket product range is labelled our ‘ULS’ grade. The SoliBlanket ULS-grade is the first Generation III manufactured, Ultra Low Shot, low bio persistence (LBP) high temperature insulating fiber blanket worldwide. The SoliBlanket ULS-grade has a classification temperature of 1200°C and is engineered to perform continuously in a wide range of applications up till 1050°C continuously. As a result, SoliBoard ULS-grade is a ideal choice for refractory installations, but is particularly  populair for use in domestic boilers.

All products in the SoliWool ULS fibers product range, like the SoliBoard ULS, meet the requirements specified under NOTE Q of European Regulation 1272/2008. All SoliBoard ULS products are therefore exonerated from labelling requirements in Europe.


  • Low shot technology
  • Excellent insulation performance
  • High handling strength
  • Resistant to erosion from high gas velocities
  • Can be used in direct flame contact
  • Low shrinkage
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Resistant to thermal shock
  • Exonerated of carcinogenic classification under Note Q

Typical applications

  • Thermal insulation for furnace linings
  • High temperature back-up insulation
  • Lining combustion chamber for domestic boilers and heaters
  • General technical insulation of furnaces and technical installations
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