• REFIAL® -PRIMER is a primer, special for the decorative painting with REFIAL® -PAINT and or finishing with REFIAL® -FINISHER for fireplace surrounds made of incombustible insulation construction materials.
  • REFIAL® -PRIMER resists to high temperature of more than 1000°C (1832°F).
  • REFIAL® -PRIMER is an inorganic liquid based on silica sol and a special surfactant.
  • REFIAL® -PRIMER hardens the treated material and it increases flame resistance.
  • REFIAL® -PRIMER bonds permanently (silicification) with the substrate, is extremely water vapor permeable, highly resistant to weathering, incombustible and Increasing bondage.
  • REFIAL® -PRIMER is harmless, no subject to any classification.

It is available in containers of 2,5 liters.

More information including Data sheets can be found here

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