• REFIAL® -PAINT is a ready-to-use sol-silicate interior paint manufactured in accordance with DIN EN 13 300 (also complies with DIN 18363 sect. 2.4.1 silicate emulsion paint).
  • REFIAL® -PAINT is the ideal paint for decorative finishing of fireplace surrounds.
  • REFIAL® -PAINT has been tested for compatibility and adhesion onto incombustible insulation construction boards and is suitable for application in areas which will be subject to high temperatures.
  • REFIAL® -PAINT is a silicate mineral paint, comprises a liquid potassium silicate paint binder with natural earth oxide pigments and natural mineral fillers, such as feldspar.
  • REFIAL® -PAINT are environmentally friendly, sustainable, contain no solvents, are VOC free, odor free and harmless.
  • REFIAL® -PAINT are inherently non-combustible and do not give off any toxic gasses.

It is available in containers of 5 liters and standard in white and beige colour.

More information including Data sheets can be found here

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