• REFIAL® -GLUE 1000 is a Fine pasty consistency and ready to use refractory glue , which resists to high temperature up to 1000°C(1832°F). It is a quick bonding glue and thus suitable as auxiliary product when assembling.
  • REFIAL® -GLUE 1000 is incombustible and adheres well to almost all foundations and can be used to glue insulation materials to steel and/or other foundations or to glue insulation materials together.
  • REFIAL® -GLUE 1000 is ideal for gluing of high temperature construction and insulation materials for the Fireplace Surround construction and for gluing of different type of high temperature resistant insulation and sealing.
  • REFIAL® -GLUE 1000 is harmless , no subject to any classification.

More information including Data sheets can be found here

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