• REFIAL® -FINISHER is a creamy coating based on inorganic binders and fillers.
  • REFIAL® -FINISHER is developed as a high temperature finisher for fireplace surrounds of inserts and stoves made of incombustible construction boards and thermal insulation.
  • REFIAL® -FINISHER resists to high temperature of more than 1000°C (1832°F). After drying the coating shows a hard, extremely temperature resistant surface with very little shrinkage.
  • Before applying REFIAL® -FINISHER , the surface to be coated has to be treated with REFIAL® -PRIMER , due to the relatively high porosity of most insulation boards. It is recommended to apply the Finisher before the Primer has fully dried in order to ensure better bonding.

It is available in pails of 15 kg.

More information including Data sheets can be found here

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