ProClad Plus 350

PROCLAD Plus 350 Plus is the premium multi-layered laminate system, which provides a weatherproof cladding and jacketing system to insulated duct and pipe systems. The laminate has a zero perm rating to prevent moisture ingress and with increased strength and UV resistance, PROCLAD350 Plus provides a market leading solution. The increased durability with it’s unique memory effect helps to absorb impacts without deformation or damage providing long term performance and great appearance.

Product Performance Benefits

  • External & Internal Applications
  • Faster Installation times
  • Proven UV Resistance – 10 years+
  • Increased Puncture Resistance
  • Salt Water Resistant
  • Resistant To a Range Of Chemicals
  • Food Safe
  • EN13501- B, S2, d0
  • BS476 parts 6&7 Class ‘ O’
  • ASTM E84

Product Range;

  • PROCLAD Plus 350 – Silver
  • PROCLAD Plus 350 – Embossed
  • PROCLAD Plus 350 – Black
  • PROCLAD Plus 350 – White


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