Pittseal 444 (Sealer)

Pittseal 444 is a single component, non-hardening butyl based sealer that does not dry but forms a soft skin after 1-3 hours. Pittseal 444 sealant can be used:- to seal joints between Foamglas slabs or pipe coverings- to seal protrusions and metal jacket laps- to seal wall/ceiling, wall/floor and wall/wall junctions- as a sliding layer in expansion/contraction joints- as bedding compound behind Foamglas insulation on piping and machineryPittseal 444 adheres to Foamglas cellular glass and many other surfaces such as steel, concrete, wood, etc.


Type Butyl based sealant
Service temperature range -50°C to +80°CIt has been successfully tested at cryogenic temperatures at which it still gives an acceptable elasticity
Application temperature 10°C to 25°C
Drying time Non-drying, skin in 1-3 hours
Density 1.5kg/dm³
Colour White
Permeability 0.01 perm cm
Water vapour diffusion resistance factor µ = ca. 23,000
Flash point (Pensky Martens Closed Cup) +40°C
Flame resistance, dry Combustible
Solids 87% of volume
Solvents Mineral oil solvents

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