Pittcote 404 (Finish)

Pittcote 404 is a highly flexible, acrylic latex coating. Pittcote 404 is used as a weather barrier on Foamglas insulation with a polyester fabric reinforcement.


Type Acrylic based coating with high flexibility
Service temperature range -35°C to +80°C
Application temperature Min. +4°C
Drying time, to touch at 25°C 3 hours in dry weather
Drying time, through at 25°C 48 hours in dry weather
Density 1.3kg/dm³
Colour White
Permeability 0.075 perm cm
Water vapour diffusion resistance factor µ = ca. 2,500
Flash point, wet Inflammable
Flame spread, dry (ASTM E 162) 17
Solids 50% of volume
Solvent Water

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