NovaWrap External Circular Duct Insulation


NovaWrap is a pre-weatherproofed rigid Phenolic insulation board that complements the NovaClad Weather Proof Pipe Insulation range. Manufactured from slotted Phenolic rigid boards with a factory applied VentureClad Zero Perm Weather Proof barrier to encompass circular ductwork. This product offers efficiency and cost savings whilst allowing the contractor to apply insulation and weatherproofing in one easy application.


For external use only. Also suitable for food safe environments in the white VentureClad finish.


114 – 610 OD, larger diameter available on request.

Nominal Density


Thermal Conductivity

0.021W/m.k @ 10°C

Temperature Range

-20 to +80°C

Fire Classification

0.021W/m.k @ 10°C to the Building Regulations

Quality Control

  • BS EN 9001
  • BS EN 14001

Other Product Properties

  • NovaWrap is supplied with a factory applied VentureClad Zero Perm Weather Proof barrier on the outer surface and a bright Class O foil on the slotted inner surface
  • Minimum closed cell content of 90% to BS EN ISO 4590 2003
  • Colour of core – Pink
  • Completely CFC/HFC Free
  • Zero Ozone Depletion Potential
  • The boards used to manufacture NovaWrap Circular Duct Insulation have a BRE Green Guide rating of A

Compressive Strength

Parallel to rise 100 kPa at 10% Compression (BS 4370–1: 1988(1996)

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