NovaClad – Weather Resistant Pipe Insulation


NovaClad is a pre weatherproofed BetaPlus Phenolic Pipe section, which allows both the weatherproofing membrane and insulation to be installed in a single fix application, saving time, labour, waste and materials. The product is suitable for external and water resistant applications.


HVAC Building Services. Suitable for Copper, Steel, Plastic and Stainless Steel Pipe work and small diameter Ductwork.


Standard 1 metre length. Standard sizes from 15mm to 381mm


40 kg/m3

Thermal Conductivity

0.021W/m.K @ 10°C

Temperature Range

-180 to +120ºC

Fire Classification

Class O to Building Regulations BS 476 – Parts 6 and 7Euroclass DIN 4102 B

Quality Control

BS 9001BS EN 14001

Other Product Properties

NovaClad is supplied with a factory applied chemical bore coatingMinimum 95% Closed Cell Structure to BS 4370Colour – GreyCompletely CFC/HFC FreeZero Ozone Depletion PotentialCompressive Strength Parallel to Rise 180kPa +/- 40BS 4370 Perpendicular to Rise 140kPa +/- 40Tensile Strength Parallel to rise 200kPa +/- 40Perpendicular to Rise 180kPa +/- 40


Data Sheet


Stucco AluminiumWhiteBlackSilverFeatures and Benefits

  • A taped system that requires no screws, rivets or sealants.
  • Weather resistant
  • Absolute vapour barrier
  • Watertight construction
  • Fast, efficient, clean installation
  • Reduced installation costs
  • Easy inspection of pipework and repair
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