Monolux 800

Monolux Calcium Silicate Board

Promat Monolux 500 and Promat Monolux 800 are low thermal conductivity rigid insulation materials. Promat Monolux 800 has higher strength for more arduous conditions.  Both materials are formulated without asbestos and mineral fibres, and are easily machined to close tolerances.  With low shrinkage and high strength, the materials provide effective and stable insulation solutions for industrial problems.Promat Monolux 500 – Rigid machinable insulation for thermal break use in a process plant and as single skin insulation for ovens and driers.Promat Monolux 800 – Strong rigid thermal insulation for use in platen presses and driers. 

Mechanical Properties

Monolux 500

Monolux 800

Bulk Density



Flexural Strength



Compressive Strengthat 10% compaction



Maximum Service Temperature



Thermal Conductivity

0.20W/mk (500°C)

0.33W/mk (800°C)

PerformanceThermal properties – Promat Monolux 500 and Promat Monolux 800 have low K values for thermal insulation and are capable of withstanding up to 800°C.  The 500 grade exhibits slightly higher shrinkage.  Promat Monolux 800 has extremely low shrinkage at 800°C.Mechanical properties – With a typical flexural strength of 6.5MPa, Promat Monolux 800 is a versatile engineering material for arduous use.  Promat Monolux 500 has excellent rigidity for single skin oven applications.  Considerable strength is maintained at elevated temperatures.Chemical properties – Promat Monolux resists common alkalis and solvents.  In highly aggressive environments the surface can be treated to give increased durability. 

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