Monalite M1 and M1A

Monalite M1 and M1A Calcium Silicate

Promat Monalite materials from Promat are “technical ceramics” made from calcium silicate.  They are formulated without the use of asbestos fibres, and are thermally insulating, non-wetting, fracture tough materials with low shrinkage.  Promat Monalite is the standard product for use in aluminium casting and is also used in the furnace industry and other process industries.Promat Monalite M1 – Standard product for contact with molten metal up to 850°C.Promat Monalite M1A – Improved product with higher strength and lower shrinkage.Bulk Density: M1 850 kg/M3 | M1A  970 kg/M3Flexural Strength: M1 8 MPa | M1A 10 MPaCompressive Strength at 10% compaction: M1 14 MPa | M1A 20 MPaMaximum Service Temperature: M1 850°C | M1A 1000°CThermal Conductivity (at 750°C): M1 0.26 W/mK | M1A 0.27 W/mK


Thermal properties – Service temperature to 850°C or 1000°C depending on the grade.  Low thermal conductivity and thermal capacity.  Low shrinkage and coefficient or thermal expansion.  Performs well against thermal shock.Mechanical and Chemical properties – Good compressive and flexural strength.  Machinable to close tolerances.  Non-wetting to most non-ferrous molten metals.  High chemical stability in alkaline media.  Reactive in acid media.


  • Non-Ferrous Metals
  • Components for containment, transmission, distribution and flow control in casting processes
  • Promat Monalite M1A suited to transition rings for billet casting
  • Furnace Industry
  • Hot face linings in holding, dosing and homogenising furnaces
  • Chemical and Process Industry
  • Collars, gaskets and pipe support rings

Standard Sizes

  • Thicknesses (mm)   12.7, 19.1, 25.4, 31.8, 50.8, 76.2, & 101.6
  • Special sizes available upon request.
  • Width (mm)    1220
  • Length (mm) 1500


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