Limpet BD6

Limpet BD6 armouring compound is a self setting cement for internal, external and marine use as a protective layer over calcium silicate and all mineral wool insulants. Limpet BD6 does not require heat for setting. For external applications Limpet BD6 requires the protection by a flexible weatherproof coating as self setting cements are not impervious to water.Limpet BD6 is supplied in a dry powder form in strong polythene bags containing 25 kgs.  This compound can be applied by hand or by using a sprayed system.  The  approximate usage of clean water per 25kg bag is 15 litres.Limpet BD6 and all other finishing compounds offered by IBSL are rated “Non Combustible” to BS 476 Part 4: 1970. They act in accordance with the fire performance requirements of Class “0” as characterised in the Building Regulations.

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