Foamglas W+F Slab

Foamglas W+F Slab Insulation

The Foamglas® W+F® Slab is the ideal insulation for use on exterior walls as it can be applied directly to the existing external wall surface.For both new build and renovation, it provides an excellent insulation performance when used with facade/rainscreen in metal, glass, timber or stone. The Foamglas® W+F® Slab is totally impervious to water and water-vapour; as many rain systems have open joints, use of Foamglas® ensures that moisture will not affect the insulation ensuring that insulation values remain constant.The wall construction can be either with or without an airspace and Foamglas®, being rigid and dimensionally stable, will shrink or sag.The system is simple to install, minimises cold bridges and as it is totally non-combustible, cannot contribute to fire nor give off toxic fumes or smoke; it is also totally free from HCFC, HFC and pentane.Applications – For thermal insulation of vertical substrates of concrete, brick and profiled metal. External cladding can be one of the following;

  • Aluminium or steel rainscreen
  • Glass curtain walling
  • Timber cladding
  • Stone or tile cladding
  • Profiled steel or aluminium

The Foamglas® thermal insulation Slabs of 600mm x 600mm x…mm, are made of alumina silicate cellular glass composition having a density of 105kg/m3 and a thermal conductivity at 10°C of K=0.038 W/mK.

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