Foamglas Perinsul

Cellular Glass Foamglas Perinsul

Foamglas® Perinsul® is an innovative product developed by Pittsburgh corning to eliminate thermal bridges at joints within wall constructions. Foamglas® Perinsul blocks, manufactured from Foamglas®, are designed to form an effective insulated joint between vertical wall insulation and horizontal floor or roof insulation. Possessing all the thermal properties for which Foamglas® is well proven, together with the exceptionally high compressive strength of Foamglas®, cold bridging is eliminated and structural integrity maintained.Foamglas® cellular glass insulation is guaranteed to maintain all its physical values for the lifetime of the building. It does not deteriorate with age and its thermal properties remain constant. Foamglas® is totally non-combustible and cannot contribute to a fire nor give off toxic fumes or smoke, it is also totally free from HCFC, HFA and pentane.Foamglas® Perinsul® has a compressive strength at break point 2.5N/mm2 and, when a safety factor is used, it typically has a load bearing capacity of 1 N/mm2 without compression or deformation. It can be installed at the base of structural walls in the following situations:

  • Inner walls (block or brick)
  • Outer walls (block or brick)
  • Parapets
  • Access Points
  • Support areas for roof trusses

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