Foamglas One


Foamglas® One (available in densities of 120kg/m3, 135kg/m3 and 165kg/mas manufactured by Pittsburgh Corning is made exclusively of glass, there is no binder or other material in its composition. Foamglas® One is strictly non combustible and it does not absorb inflammable or dangerous liquids or gases. The product presents an excellent resistance towards water and is impervious to water vapour. Other Benefits include, No deterioration of thermal conductivity, Dimensional stability, Chemically Neutral, High compressive strength, Resistant to insects and rodents.Foamglas® insulation is a lightweight and rigid insulation material with exceptional properties. Foamglas® is a long lasting system with a history of over 45 years.The system requires little maintenance and is ideal for a variety of industrial and building applications;

  • Piping and equipment operating at various temperatures (low, high and variable temperature)
  • Underground piping and euipment
  • Liquefied gas tanks and vessels
  • Industrial chimneys
  • Cryogenic and low temperature pipes, equipment, tanks and vessels
  • Medium and high temperature pipes and equipment
  • Hot oil and hot bitumen storage tanks
  • Heat transfer fluid systems
  • Hydrocarbon processing services
  • Sulphur processing services
  • Underground steam and chilled water piping
  • Chilled and hot water service lines
  • Steam lines
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Breweries
  • Food industry.


No deterioration of thermal conductivityWater vapour and water proofDimensional stabilityChemically NeutralHigh Compressive StrengthResistant to insects and rodentsTemperature limits: From -260°C to +430°C
Available Forms:
Flat SlabPipe SectionsPipe SupportsRadiused & Bevelled LagsSegments for knucklesDome End SegmentsBends & ElbowsFlangesReducersTeesValves

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