Foamglas Floorboard

Foamglas Floor Board for Concrete Flooring

Fully complying with all Building Regulations, Foamglas® is impervious to attack by vermin, insects or birds and is totally free from HCFC, HFA and pentane.  It remains totally dimensionally stable throughout the lifetime of the building, which ensures that compression, deformation or sagging in the floor construction does not occur.  Its resistance to water and water vapour ensures that the insulation remains constant throughout the lifetime of the building, which is particularly important where the area of construction is subject to high levels of moisture caused by the water table.Foamglas® will protect the structure against rising humidity from the ground and prevents construction humidity from migrating into the building

Foamglas Floorboard for Raised Access Floor Systems

Foamglas® Cellular Glass Insulation can be used to insulate floors with raised access floor systems. Its high compressive strength allows the pedestals to be fixed above the insulation ensuring that there is no cold bridge.Applications – Used where access flooring is installed over concrete slabs directly exposed to the ground or cold rooms, when the use of the building demands habitable climatic conditions. The Foamglas® system does not require manufacturers to make any system modifications.

Foamglas Floorboard F for Above or Below Structural Concrete Floor

The use of Foamglas® to insulate floors eliminates the need for reinforced cement layers due to the insulation’s high compressive strength.Foamglas® Floorboard can be installed above or below a structural concrete floor.Applications – Thermal insulation of interior floors at ground level or over basement areas, under or over solid concrete slab or hardcore, and without abnormal or point loads.

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