CR Bend 45

CR Duct Systems
CR Bends are made of compressed glass wool with inner & outer surfaces covered by a layer of CR Foil.
Average insulation thickness ≈ 30mm.
Standard circular sheet metal nipples fit inside neck of CR Bends.
Water vapor resistance > 140m2h Pa/mg

CE-test certifications & working conditions
Tightness Class D EN 1507:2006
Fire Classification A2-s1,d0 EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009
Pressure EN 13403:2003
Max Under -400 Pa Shock waves -1000 Pa
Max Over +1000 Pa Shock waves +2500 Pa
Heat Transfer (λ) ≈ 0.035W/mK
Minimum -40° C Maximum +60° C


The CR Duct System can only be used for indoor installations.
CR products are not to be used for kitchen exhaust.
Local rules and regulations are to be recognized when installing any CR products.
When calculating pressure drops, please use tables and diagrams for corresponding sheet metal products. CR products will be slightly lower.

Please download the brochure:
Climate Recovery – Technical Specification

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