Capyt HS

Hard setting compositions are clay bound finishing materials. Sometimes they are described as “diatomaceous” filled compounds. They are supplied as loose dry powders and are prepared for application by mixing with water. The surface can be trowelled smooth and polished with Lagging Steel to provide a hard durable crust on the insulation.  Hard setting compositions require to be dried in-situ by the application of heat. The insulation to be coated should be covered with well-secured galvanised wire netting.  Capyt HS should then be thoroughly mixed with water using approximately 12 litres per 25 kg sack.Capyt HS should be applied by trowel in two layers, each of approximately 6 mm thickness.  The first coat should be left rough to give a key for the second coat, which should not be applied until the first coat is dry. Extra strength can be provided by a layer of hessian canvas trowelled into the final coat.On downward facing surfaces where greater reinforcement is required, expanded metal may be used instead of wire netting.Wet mixes of Capyt HS can be used at any time on the day of mixing.  Heat may be used to assist drying out, the material will set off in approximately 24 hours.

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