BetaPlus Phenolic Pipe Supports


A range of high density phenolic pipe supports which provide one of the best technical solutions when designing building services projects. BetaPlus Phenolic Pipe Supports are manufactured using the same technology as the BetaPlus Phenolic Pipe section with a rigid cellular structure.


BetaPlus Phenolic Pipe Supports are suitable for use on copper, steel, stainless steel and plastic pipe services.


BetaPlus Phenolic Pipe Supports are available in densities of 80kg and 120kg as standard with a comprehensive range of sizes and thicknesses available. Other densities are available on request. The density of the pipe support would depend on the load applied.Features and Benefits

Reduce cold bridging

Cold bridging will occur when relatively warm moisture laden air comes into contact with a surface at or below its dew point temperature. This can lead to the build up of moisture and condensation on the outer surfaces of the pipes and supports.The use of BetaPlus Phenolic Pipe Supports with a factory applied vapour barrier and class leading thermal conductivity will greatly reduce the risks associated with cold bridging.

Reduce energy loss

A large percentage of the pipework services can be under insulated when using supports with a higher thermal conductivity than the specified pipe insulation, resulting in energy loss. Using BetaPlus Phenolic Pipe Supports will significantly reduce energy loss.

Continuity of vapour seal

Using the same thickness and diameter of pipe support to that of the specified insulation, with a comparable thermal conductivity, will facilitate in the installation of a continuous fully sealed vapour barrier. This is of major importance on cold or chilled pipework where condensation could occur. Supports that are manufactured without a factory applied vapour barrier are reliant on the Thermal Insulation Contractor to seal with foil, mastics and tape, contradicting best practice advice.

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