BetaDuct Insulation


BetaDuct is a rigid Phenolic pre-insulated flangeless ductwork system. Manufactured from premium performance rigid phenolic insulation board, with an auto adhesively bonded bright class O aluminium foil facing on both sides. It has V Grooves cut into its inner surface and then folded in order to make a sided ductwork system. The system is completed with sealed inner joints and taped seams. It is lightweight, quick and simple to install offering designers and installers the optimum solution for their ductwork requirements.

Thermal Conductivity

0.021W/m.k @ 22°C & 50% RH ASTM C 518

Nominal Density

Range 55–60kg/m3

Temperature Range

-20 to +80ºC


Maximum 500mm internal, Minimum 150mm internal

Operating Limits

  • Mean Air Velocity Maximum
  • 20 m/s 4000fpm
  • Design Pressure Maximum
  • Positive 500 Pa
  • Negative 500 Pa

Compressive Strength

200 KPa at 10% Compression (BS EN 826: 1996)

Minimum Closed Cell Content

>90% (BS EN ISO 4590: 2003)

Fire Classification

Class O / Low Risk to the Building Regulations

Quality Control

BS EN 9001. BS EN 14001. BS OHSAS 18001: 2007

BetaDuct Application and Limitation

  • Supply and return air ductwork for heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • Fresh air intake ducts to plant
  • Swimming pools
  • Non ferrous applications
  • Outdoor applications, provided the specified external finish is applied

Not Applicable

  • Kitchen extract ducting
  • Conveyance of solid particles
  • Chemical or fume exhaust systems
  • For use with extreme heat
  • High pressure systems above 500 pascal
  • Outdoor use without additional protection


  • BetaDuct can be cleaned using many of the dry cleaning methods outlined in TR/19 published by the B & ES
  • Hand scraping should not be used
  • If using a brushing method a soft brush should be used

Available sizes

  • 150×150, 200×200, 250×250, 300×300, 400×400, 500×500 as standard.
  • Supplied as a flat packed board ready for site assembly.
  • BetaDuct bends and additional sizes can be made to order. POA.
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