Arma-Chek R Grey


Arma-Chek R is available as a factory applied system.  Arma-Chek R was developed by Amacell for offshore and heavy industrial environments. Arma-Chek R is a high density rubber based covering that offers an exceptional resistance against salt water, mechanical impact and UV attack.Arma-Chek R is fully weather proof with an exceptionally high water vapour resistance.  Its non-metallic nature eliminates the risk of galvanic corrosion.Benefits Include;

  • GMP – Zero;
  • ODP – Zero;
  • Extra system security from the “in built water-vapour-barrier” in the covering;
  • Substantially minimises the risk of under insulation corrosion;
  • Provides continuous long term thermal efficiency;
  • No risk of galvanic corrosion;
  • Increasing the life expectancy of the insulation system by up to 40%;
  • Reduces monitoring and maintenance by up to 60%;
  • Easy application – no need for specialised machinery;
  • Withstands salt water (green water wash over);
  • Exceptional impact resistance;
  • Highly resistant to UV, oil and chemicals;
  • Non metal cladding system – reduces health and safety risks;
  • Complies with international standards.

 Technical Data

Test Values
Material Flexible polymeric barrier
Max. Surface Temperature +105°C (if based on Class O Armaflex, NH/Armaflex)
+150°C (if based on HT/Armaflex)
Max. Surface Temperature for Flat Surface +85°C (if based on Class O Armaflex, NH/Armaflex)
+130°C (if based on HT/Armaflex)
Min. Surface Temperature -200°C
Water Vapour Permeability Covering Moisture Resistance Factor µ>50,000
Water Vapour Permeability Insulation No risk of Galvanic corrosion
Resistance to Impact Extremely Good
Resistance to UV Good
Density 1.6 kg/ltr. (± 50g)
Tensile Strength 5.0 MPa (± 1 MPa)
Tear Strength 5.0 – 6.5 N/mm
Elongation 450 – 650%
Health Aspects Dust and Fibre Free
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